Distribution of Profits

  • An amount not being less than 15% of the net profit shall be carried over to ReserveFund.
  • Not more than 5% of net profit shall be set apart as education fund and remitted to State Co-operative Union.

The balance amount of net profit may be utilized for :

  • The balance amount of net profit may be utilized for payment of dividend to ‘A’ class members on the paid up share capital at a rate not exceeding 25% per annum.
  • Not exceeding ten per cent may be contributed to children’s education financing aid scheme and merit award scheme as framed in the subsidiary rules.
  • Payment of bonus to employees of the Society not exceeding 20 per cent of the salary(Pay+DA) for the audit year,subject to limitations and conditions stipulated by Govt. and Registrar of Co-op.Societies.
  • Building fund.
  • Dividend equalisation fund.
  • Not exceeding 10 % can be contributed to welfare fund created vide sub rules provided by the committee and approved by the Joint Registrar of Co-op.Societies.


The Reserve Fund of the Society shall be indivisible and no member will have any special claim on them.It shall be invested as laid down in Section 39 of the Kerala State Co-operative Societies Act.



Deposits may at the discretion of the Board of directors be received at any time from members only.

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Loans shall be given to ‘A’ class members only.But no member can claim a loan as a matter of right.There shall be 5 loans viz, Own Fund DCB

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On the application of 10 or more members,the Board of Directors may start and conduct chit fund to s

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