General Body Meeting

The supreme authority of the Society is vested in the General Meeting of the ‘A’class members.In such meetings every ‘A’class member is entitled to be present if duly qualified to vote,provided always that he is not in default to the Society.‘B’ class members are not eligible to vote.

 General body meeting shall be of two kinds,ordinary and extra-ordinary. Ordinary general meetings shall be held at least once in a year,not later than 31 st August.

 The Committee may ,whenever they think fit,and shall upon the requisition in writing signed by at least 1/5th of the ‘A’ class members on rolls who are not in default to the Society or by the Joint Registrar,convene extra ordinary general meetings.

 Such requisition made by ‘A’ class members shall be addressed to the President of the Board of Directors and it shall expressly state the object of the meeting proposed to be called.

 The quorum of general meeting shall be 20 or one third of the total number of members whichever is less.

 Seven days clear notice shall be given for general meeting held for all purpose except the amendement of bye-laws or the enactment of a new bye-law.To that purpose 15 days notice shall be the rule.The notice shall set forth clearly the subjects for discussion and the resolution to be proposed and no other subject shall be discussed without the express permission of the President.Even in such cases final decision shall be taken only after bringing the subject to another general meeting after giving notice of the subject.

 Notice of General body shall ordinarily be given by circulation in a notice book and getting signatures of members in it or by sending notice by post under certificate of posting.

  If at the hour fixed for the meeting,a quorum is not forthcoming the President shall ,if the meeting has been called or requisition of members,dissolve it.If otherwise convened,the President shall postpone the meeting to a dteat least seven days and not more than 2 weeks ahead and the business to be transacted at such postponed meeting shall be the same and not other than that proposed for the original date of meeting.

The following among other matters shall be dealt with by the general meeting:

  •  The election and removal of the Board of Directors.
  • The annual report due to the Registrar.
  • The Registrar’s audited balance sheet with the auditor’s report
  • The disposal of profit
  • The amendment or repeal of any existing bye-law or enactment of any new bye-law.
  • The expulsion of a member and application for membership refused by the committee.
  • Any complaint which any individual member may prefer against the Board of Directors.
  • To approve the annual budget of income and expenditure.
  • To ratify the allowance of the Secretary fixed by the Board of Directors.

The General Body shall be convened by a resolution of the Board of Directors.

 The Board of Directors shall maintain a list of members on the rolls of the society who are qualified to vote at general body meeting and bring such list up to date within a fortnight before each meeting of the general body.

 No member shall be admitted during 15 days preceding the date fixed for any General Body Meeting of the society.

 The President when present,shall preside over the meeting of the General body.In his absence the General Body may choose a Chairman from among themselves to preside over the meeting.Every member present shall have one and only one vote.All questions shall be decided by a majority of members present and voting.When votes are equal the Chariman of the meeting shall have a casting voted.

 If a member deceives the Society in any way or if his general conduct is such as to render his removal necessary in the interest of the Society,it shall be open to the General Body to expel such a member.A member who is so removed shall be paid his share capital and all the money due to him from the Society after deducting therefrom any money due from him to the Society and he shall be liable as provided in bye-law 3 for the debts due by the Society as they stood on the date or cessation of membership for a period of two years from such date.

 The General Body shall have the authority to affiliate the Society to any co-operative union that is working now or that may be registered in future,in the neighbourhood of the society.

The Society shall contribute the affiliation fee at the rate fixed and approved by the Registrar from time to time.

The contribution to the supervision fund shall fall due on the date on which the audit certificate specifying the amount payable is communicated to the Society.

 It shall be the duty of the General Body to elect delegates to this union or any other Institution to which the Society is affiliated or Is a member.



Deposits may at the discretion of the Board of directors be received at any time from members only.

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Loans shall be given to ‘A’ class members only.But no member can claim a loan as a matter of right.There shall be 5 loans viz, Own Fund DCB

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On the application of 10 or more members,the Board of Directors may start and conduct chit fund to s

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